Xiao Han surprised to stare at the woman in front of her eyes. There seems to be something unclear in her eyes. "What? Not that you were in the army. "
Suddenly a towel blocked the man’s sight, and bathroom door was slammed by "which so many questions are sitting there."
When Liao Jingjing came out after washing, the two of them naturally didn’t continue the question just now. After breakfast, Xiao Han took a look at the room with a pillow and said, "How long are you going to live here?"
I don’t know yet.
"Liao Jia is not without a room. Didn’t they say anything when you came back?" Xiao Han rarely has such a serious tone, one build what did not build, picking up the pillow and saying, "The hotel air quality is worse after all. If you don’t want to go back to my place, there are still several rooms."
"Yes, I don’t want to move. I don’t want to live without a room." Liao Jingjing said with a smile that she made two cups of coffee and put it on the table. "It’s not that I don’t have money. You don’t always worry about those things like your brother."
Xiao Han nai touches his lips "… OK"
"Well, I actually came back this time mainly to help my senior sister clean up her psychological consultation. It’s not necessarily how long she stayed, but now I find that psychological diagnosis and treatment is no easier than surgery. Yesterday, I just watched the case for one night." Liao Jingjing pressed her neck and said
Xiao Han smiled, "Do you want to find a good massage master for you?"
"No, I can’t stand this." Liao Jingjing repeatedly refused to lower her head and drink a mouthful of coffee.
"By the way, Auntie, you have prepared a invitation-only party today. Do you need any help?"
"Well, that’s what I wanted to talk to you about. I have to meet a patient later. The appointment place is quite far away."
Liao Jingjing just arrived in Jiaocheng and hasn’t bought a car yet. Xiao Han immediately nodded, "I’m fine today. I’ll see you off later."
"Ok, then I’m welcome. I’ll change first." Liao Jingjing smiled and got up and went to the bedroom.
Xiao Han sat in the living room for a while and then some chatted.
The hotel layout is not big, and there is no room shelf desk, so a woman stuffed it into a corner of the balcony and put a desk lamp against the glass window. Xiao Han curiously fiddled with it for a few times, but I don’t know where it slammed and a pile of data fell from the shelf.
Xiao Han a surprised hurriedly squat down to pick up information, these things should be just Liao Jingjing said cases because many printed papers are marked with names and photos should belong to * *.
See you later. The bedroom person hasn’t come out yet. Xiao Han is nervous and relieved. However, when he glanced at one of the materials scattered on the ground, his finger suddenly froze.
I don’t know how much I shook my head and sighed today. Xinyu lifted her head from the screen of her mobile phone and asked, "What’s wrong with you today?"
Xia Miao is prone on the table. "My mother suspected that my father was cheating and just called me again …"
Shen Xinyu "… What should I do?"
"What should I do? They always do this. They suspect all day."
Shen Xinyu really doesn’t know how to answer this topic. In fact, she seems to have doubted Tang Shiyan in her heart …
But the situation is somewhat different.
"Forget it. I won’t tell you. You don’t know how to show a little woman who is in love."
Shen Xinyu snow a smile.
Xia Miao holds Bala’s bitter face and says, "I don’t know who was cloudy yesterday, but the sun is shining today."
Although it is ten minutes late again, there are more than one hundred words. Haha.
Chapter sixty-three I won’t throw up on you again
At this time, the girl with a sunny face ignored her friend’s cynicism and bowed her head to continue playing with her mobile phone.
"Who are you chatting with?" Xia Miao wondered that he was flattered to come here to talk to her Mr. Tang, but on second thought, the other party should not be so idle.
"It’s me playing games," Shen Xinyu said, showing the screen of the mobile phone to Xia Miao. "There are children here and one has to worship my master."
Xia Mimiao rolled her eyes and pushed her cell phone. "Take it away. I don’t want to see your childish playmates."
Shen Xinyu smiled and continued to type a few words on the keyboard.
I know this thing in the summer. Since Shen Xinyu got through plants vs. zombies, he has had a daily love to eliminate fun.
Section 5
"But don’t be fooled by this network person when you are playing. If someone asks you to meet, don’t go." Thinking of some news, Xia Miao was particularly cautious and stared at Shen Xinyu seriously.
"How is it possible to meet because there is a reward for teaming up?"
"You still need a little reward. What kind of name does this person have? Can’t you forget the little fish bubble?" Summer he leaned over and saw talking to Shen Xinyu. D couldn’t help but be happy.
"Well, it’s just that he sounds like a junior high school student who just sent me a red envelope in the game."
"Forget it, you’re happy." It’s clear that she is measured, and Xia Miao is not entangled in this.
"By the way, did the doctor still look for you yesterday?"
Shen Xinyu talked about it, put the phone down and nodded. "Yes, she just talked to me."
"She has your WeChat? Talk about what "
"Jia didn’t talk about anything yesterday, that is to say, she had a patient who was also a high school student and asked me about her senior three."
When Tang Shiyan came out of the club as early as possible, he left the phone, and when he was busy, it was too late to think of it.
The man took a sip of coffee and pressed the source button.
Ding-ding-dong, after some sounds, Tang Shiyan pulled out a short message sent at noon from many wake-up messages
A cute little smiling face was added at the back.
Tang Shiyan rubbed his forehead and smiled and dialed back.
Assistant Li waited outside the office door for the man to finish talking before he bowed his head and walked in.
According to his past experience, Mr. Tang is in a good mood, and reporting anything will reduce the risk of being scolded. Of course, his husband rarely curses, but getting angry is definitely more terrible than cursing.
"What’s up?" It’s still an ordinary word, but if you listen carefully to a man’s deep voice with a smile.
Assistant Li hung his head and reported, "I explained everything that Mr. Tang called from my old house during the day, but Miss Liao just called again."
"What can I do for you?"
"She said she had something to discuss with you."
Tang Shiyan looked at the itinerary these days and said, "You can convey it."
"She said she would tell you in person."
Tang Shiyan thought for a moment and said, "If there is anything important, make an appointment according to normal procedures."
Tang Shiyan’s unified document looked up at the past, and Assistant Li immediately reacted, "Oh, I know, I’ll reply to the past."