"What do you mean, what energy does he have?" The daughters saw the little girl’s answer and turned their attention to Feiyang over there.

"That what ah, I suddenly feel a little sleepy, and I went to sleep in my building." Feiyang saw that all the people focused on themselves and the little girl came to that energy thing. When this energy came out, I estimated that I had ten mouths, so I quickly found an excuse to slip away.
"Well, how can I see you in good spirits?" Hu Mei stared at Feiyang with a charming smile and said that the rest of the daughters looked at Feiyang with a pale face.
"Well, little sister, tell my sister what that energy is." Seeing that Feiyang was honestly there, Hu Mei turned away and smiled at the little girl and asked softly.
"It’s big brother’s physical energy," the little girl wrote.
"I don’t know all this. I don’t know anything." Feiyang couldn’t see what the little girl was writing on the periphery of the daughters, but as the daughters’ faces became more and more ugly, Feiyang also knew that this thing was going to be bad, so he quickly defended.
Daughters except the two parties and Chen Xiao, who knows this, took a cold look at the sky and then continued to ask the little girl, "My little sister is that person’s strength." Although my heart is already roughly there, the daughters still don’t give up and asked.
"It’s the energy that came out of the place where Big Brother peed." The little girl hesitated a little, but her face was still red, and she wrote out the specific location of supplementing energy.
"Leave this pervert alone after laughing at you."
The last glimmer of expectation of the daughters was also broken. Hearing the little girl’s answer, they all condemned Feiyang newspaper in the strongest terms and beat it miserably.
"I really don’t know anything." Feiyang lay on his side with his hands folded into a ball and endured the beating of his daughters, shouting.
"Sisters, don’t hit big brother. I put big brother to sleep and then secretly draw his energy." The little girl hurriedly wrote and stopped in front of Feiyang to show it to all the women.
"It’s you. Then how do you know there is energy?" Huang Xue asked curiously.
"I learned it from Sister Yun," the little girl wrote.
Daughters suddenly snow a happy eyes teasing at Chen Yun Chen Yun is flushed there I don’t know what to do.
"What did Miss Mom learn from you?" Asked Chen Xiao puzzled.
"Big personnel children don’t ask indiscriminately" Chen Yun, who heard her daughter’s innocent and evil question, was even more shy and scolded 1 shyly and glared at Feiyang, and then led her daughter back to her room to rest.
"Mei elder sister that float in the sky this kidney water shortage is not caused by this little girl, right?" Huang Xue quickly asked the light to understand the things.
"I think it’s right." Hu Mei nodded and looked at the little girl and said, "My little sister can get energy without doing this."
The little girl looked at Hu Mei puzzled.
"Come here, flying" Hu Mei said softly to lying on the ground and playing dead.
"Oh" float in the sky hurriedly got up and came to Hu Mei’s side and smiled obsequiously. "Sister Mei has orders."
"Don’t move," Hu Mei said with a smile and then grabbed Feiyang’s right hand and took out a dagger from his carry-on bag and scratched it at Feiyang’s fingertips.
Chapter 5 Little vampire girl
"Sister Mei, what are you doing?" Feiyang was startled and wanted to smoke and wave, but his right hand was firmly moved by Hu Mei. When the dagger flashed in the cold light, he felt a small wound and blood slowly flowed out from his right index finger and fingertip.
"Little sister, come here," Hu Mei said to the little girl with a smile, holding the flying finger tips with blood.
When the little girl saw Hu Mei’s sudden move towards flying with a sword, she turned pale with horror, but she dared not disobey Hu Mei’s order and bowed her head and came to Hu Mei.
"Suck it," Hu Mei said, smiling at the little girl and looking at her with a bloody forefinger and fingertips.
The little girl raised her head and glanced at Hu Mei timidly, then hurriedly bowed her head and shook her head gently.
"Obedient this is definitely much better than that." Hu Mei smiled and looked at the little girl with soft eyes.
The little girl looked at Hu Mei and saw that her eyes were full of sincere look. This just nodded timidly and put her mouth together with the flying fingertips and stretched out small tongue to lick the blood.
"How do you feel?" When I saw the little girl licking a flying forefinger and fingertip and donating blood, the horse moved her head, but suddenly her face changed slightly and she closed her eyes in surprise. Hu Mei couldn’t help but smile.
The little girl suddenly opened her eyes and took a look at Feiyang, then leaned away and put the fingertips of Feiyang index finger in her mouth, gently sucking her face with a satisfied look as if Feiyang blood was a peerless delicacy.
"Sister Mei, what’s going on?" Hua Xuan, like all the daughters, was dumbfounded and curious and asked Hu Mei.
"It’s very simple. My little girl needs energy and flying just happens to have my little girl needs energy." Hu Mei explained with a smile.
"Must be flying or other men can also" asked Huang Xue curiously.
"I guess it must be him. Before the little girl could know that Feiyang was good for her through observation, and my idea is that there is no problem, then this is no problem." Hu Mei gently explained that when Feiyang bounced up, her face was slightly red, and the rest of the women were also flushed, especially when she had kissed Feiyang. The faces of several women were even more shameful.
"That mei elder sister, will she suck me up like this?" Feiyang asked Hu Mei, worried about sucking her own, and then she sucked herself down. If it is blood sucking, will it directly suck herself into mummies?
"No, she doesn’t need much. If you don’t want to give it to her, you can let her possess you." Hu Mei shook her head and replied with a smile.
"Oh, that’s good." Feiyang was relieved and nervously looked at the little girl sucking her right index finger.
The little girl sucked for a long time with a satisfied expression on her face, and her body flashed like a neon lantern. It took a long time to loosen her fingertips and lick her tongue, and then suddenly she fell into Feiyang’s arms and fell asleep.
"Mei elder sister, what’s wrong with her?" The daughters saw that the little girl suddenly fainted in the flying arms, and some worried asked, "Flying is also holding the little girl as light as cotton wool, and her eyes are full of worries and looking at Hu Mei.
"Nothing is to have a good rest after eating too much." Hu Mei got up and smiled and said, "Well, I should go back to sleep when things are settled. Let’s go."
"Well," Hua Xuan Han Jin Huan and Huang Xue nodded, got up and said goodbye to the daughters with Hu Mei, and then went out of the flying door and went back to his residence.
"Let’s go to bed if it’s picturesque." Li Siqi also yawned a lot. Now that he has to work before dawn, he decided to go back to his room and sleep in a cage.
"Well" Jiang picturesque also nodded and Li Siqi also went upstairs.
"Elder brother, don’t let her do that again. Let her suck your blood, you know?" Li Siqi turned around in front of the building and hugged the little girl still sitting on the sofa. I don’t know what to do, but she solemnly warned.
"I know, I dare not let her suck again." Feiyang nodded and replied, "It’s only been two days. This young guy almost let her suck away. How dare she continue?"
Li Siqi was satisfied with this and Jiang picturesque went back to their rooms, and the little girl was lifted up and walked towards the building. Holding her like this made her realize that the little girl’s body was like gauze without any weight, which increased the difficulty of holding her, for fear that she would have more strength. Just like the eunuch holding the throne in ancient times, she carefully carried the little girl upstairs to her room, and then gently put her in her big bed to cover the quilt for her, while she sat on the bed and looked at the innocent little girl with a slight smile on her mouth.
The next morning, when Chen Yun knocked on the door of Feiyang, he got up from bed and found that he didn’t know when he got into bed and slept with the little girl. He quickly stepped back and looked at his clothes. He was relieved to see the little girl dressed neatly. He smiled at her with his eyes open and could not help frowning. "Little girl, you got me into bed." Last night, Feiyang sat at the bedside for a long time until dawn, and when he woke up, he did sleep with the little girl outside the bed, so he asked the little girl.
"I’m afraid my big brother fell asleep and caught a cold," the little girl replied softly.
"Oh, remember to say something like this to me." Feiyang nodded and got up to get dressed. Suddenly he realized that he had just heard the little girl’s voice. He turned his head and looked at her with surprise and said, "Girl, you can talk."
The little girl is also slightly one leng looking at flying doubt asked "big brother, can you hear me"
"What do you mean you can talk all the time? We couldn’t hear your voice before." Feiyang asked stupidly.
"But I can talk all the time, but it seems that you can’t hear my voice before I write." The little girl nodded and replied.
"Great, let’s go and tell them the good news." Feiyang smiled happily and then quickly changed his clothes and took the little girl’s hand and walked towards the building.