Ma Tuan’s mouth is full of anger.

Shen Xinyu felt that she couldn’t see the past. She picked up the hemp ball and held it in her arms. "Are you a boy?"
Liu Yanzhou still couldn’t stop smiling and rubbing his face while looking at the cat nestled in the girl’s arms. In fact, this cat is not small at all, and it is the biggest and fattest cat he has ever seen. Of course, it is also the most special one. It has white shiny hair with two ear tips with a little blue and those round eyes that are as blue as a treasure.
Liu Yanzhou teased the cat and then looked at Shen Xinyu. Suddenly, he became curious about this girl’s identity. It should not be an ordinary family to be able to afford such a cat and treat it so well.
"What song do you want to listen to today? I’ll record one for you first." Shen Xinyu put the hemp ball aside and got up and asked Liu Yanzhou.
The conversation turned to business. Lu Yanzhou grabbed a pillow, sat up and yawned and said, "I was just about to ask you, what song are you going to play on the day of the exam?"
"Beauty is Beauty" Shen Xinyu didn’t even think about it, because that song was the first one she knew and the one she played best.
Liu Yanwen was stunned on Monday.
Seeing that he was abnormal, Shen Xinyu frowned. "What’s the matter?"
"Nothing" Liu Yanzhou quickly shook his head and raised his hand to scratch his hair as usual. "Then this song is just right. I will act as a teacher to grade you."
When Shen Xinyu smiled and glanced at the red rope at his wrist, Nai went to get the erhu.
On Christmas Day, Shen Xinyu compiled a couple bracelet for herself and Tang Shiyan, and then made one for him in Liu Yanzhou. This person said that sandalwood soothes the nerves and gives him red to ward off evil spirits, which can help him sleep.
What are you talking about? She’s a best friend bracelet.
However, Shen Xinyu didn’t dispute with him because of the good effect of the gift. Instead, Liu Yanzhou would meet any requirements recently if she didn’t overdo it.
The overall tone of beauty Xi Shi’s song is still sad. After all, the historical background is in that era when the feelings and destiny of that country can’t be the master, and a beautiful woman with a great color is thus pushed out to bear the unspeakable burden.
Although Shen Xinyu is young, there is a kind of vicissitudes of life across time in her piano music. This feeling and age skills are like sitting in front of her, not her, but another light, beautiful and weather-beaten soul
At the end of Shen Xinyu’s song, it was funny to find that all the people and cats on the opposite side were in a state of release. Liu Yanzhou stretched out his long legs and leaned back on the sofa. If it weren’t for that hand, there were still one and one holding the hemp hair. I’m afraid she would fall asleep.
Hemp ball this will be honestly rolled his nose and snored.
"That’s it. Don’t change it." Liu Yanzhou said seriously when he saw her coming. "As far as I know, those people who came from our college …"
"I don’t want to take an examination of your school." Before he finished Shen Xinyu, he interrupted directly and said with a smile, "I want to stay in Jiaocheng."
She has thought about it. It will take at least four years to go to college. She doesn’t want to be too far away from Tang Shiyan.
"What?" Lu Yanzhou was surprised. "Beijing North Music University is one of the best schools in China. I can understand that you don’t go abroad because of your poor foreign language, but you don’t choose any music." It’s only two hours’ journey if you are homesick. "
Shen Xinyu see Liu Yanzhou didn’t say his reasons.
"Come on, come on, I’ll protect you." Liu Yanzhou continued to bewitch.
The girl shook her head firmly.
She has to go to college for at least four years, and the Tang family is already a little dissatisfied. If she leaves Jiaocheng again, the old lady will not know how ugly her face will be.
Maybe I’ll find another one for Tang Shiyan. When the time comes, she will be unpredictable.
Besides, she can’t argue with Tang Shiyan herself. She has long been used to sleeping with this person around her. If she changes the environment alone, no matter how good it is, I’m afraid she can’t stay.
Section 13
Liu Yanzhou spoke a few more words and had something to say about the advantages and disadvantages of each school. See this girl, or don’t sample oil and salt. Hit her lips. "Which school do you want to go to in Jiaocheng?" Jiaocheng had better not be a comprehensive university. "
She hasn’t told Tang Shiyan about the "Opera Academy" yet, but it is estimated that he won’t refuse.
Liu Yanzhou covered her forehead.
I don’t know what to say about her at the moment.
Come on, he also pointed out that this girl can be his junior
"If it’s all right, I’ll go back." The girl got up and said
"Wait," Lu Yanzhou sighed and took out a business card from his pocket and handed it to her. "This is about making a business card for my sister’s album. In a few days, he may contact you to change the score again."
"Uh-huh" Shen Xinyu took a glance and put it in the bag.
"He will talk to you about the salary when the time comes, but my sister has already said hello and he dare not squeeze you as a newcomer."
Pick up the lazy hemp ball and Shen Xinyu smiled and said, "I know."
On Monday, Lu Yan told me that there was really nothing to say. Grab your hair and "Forget it, I’ll send you back."