Xia Miao just drank a glass of wine handed over by others and smiled and said to them, "Xiaoyu can’t drink, I’ll drink it for her."

Said the summer he wanted to bring the glass of wine for Shen Xinyu, but first the boy moved faster and protested with others that he could not drink it himself.
Shen Xinyu is really difficult.
Summer can’t help but shrug his shoulders.
Just as everyone continued to drink kung fu, a boy who was a little far away from them said, "You are so interesting and boring."
"Yo-ho, Zhang Rui won’t be". A group of boys and girls suddenly blinked vaguely. Shen Xinyu looked at the past and was impressed by this boy named Zhang Rui
When the former owner was with Summer, it was this boy who often spoke for Summer. If I remember correctly, they were a basketball team.
Shen Xinyu didn’t think much about this meeting for a while, but after drinking the wine, the students could cover it up, especially one of them said directly that Zhang Rui actually had a crush on Shen Xinyu for a long time, but he kept silent because of Sommer’s reasons.
"She doesn’t drink it, you can drink it for her." A big boy who is not afraid of things is booing at a side.
Zhang Ruichang is the sunny boy. Seeing his face suddenly changed a few colors, it seems that he really wants to drink that glass of wine for Shen Xinyu.
Summer is also attracted by everyone’s frolicking and booing. A thoughtful Shen Xinyu said, "No wonder he often sees you in class."
Shen Xinyu said that she picked up the glass at a glance and did it herself first.
First, I feel so cold.
Second, I feel terrible, bitter and astringent, and I can’t tell the smell of distiller’s grains. I really don’t know why these people like drinking so much.
They exclaimed her this heroic applause.
While Zhang Rui looked sombre and bowed his head.
Section 25
Shen Xinyu put down his glass and went to La Xia. "Let’s go first after drinking the wine."
Xia Miao Meng followed up with "good"
"Let’s play for a while. What time is it? Come on, Xiaoyu, let’s sing and not argue with them."
"Yes, Xiaoyu, I heard from Teacher Sun that we haven’t heard you sing for three years."
When Xia Miao heard this, he couldn’t help but tell others that he was proud to say, "It costs money to listen to our little Evodia singing, but today you are counted." After that, she gathered to Shen Xinyu’s ear to discuss that "Evodia sings a song, just eat some fruit to suppress alcohol, or wait for your Mr. Tang to peel your skin."
Shen Xinyu really wanted to burp, but she couldn’t help laughing after hearing the second half of the summer, and pressed the burp back.
But it’s reasonable to say that it’s still early anyway, so it’s better to get rid of alcohol and go back.
Shen Xinyu didn’t sing first, but sat there and drank some water and ate some fruit to listen to others sing first.
Tang Shiyan knew that Shen Xinyu had a chat with a person at the class reunion today, so he agreed to Tang Laosi’s invitation and received several old comrades with him.
What a coincidence. Unfortunately, four or five men also chose Shengmao.
After eating for a while, one of his comrades-in-arms pushed the door and came in. The comrade-in-arms asked, "What took you so long?"
This younger brother, who is also in his twenties, listened to his brother’s questions with a local dialect, then looked at Tang Shiyan and Tang Shaogong and explained with a smile, "I’m really sorry that I just forgot when I saw the excitement in the building."
In front of Tang’s two young masters, this comrade-in-arms is not good at teaching his younger brother, so he casually answered, "Oh? What’s so lively that you can’t even eat? "
"It’s nothing," said my brother, embarrassed to touch his head. "It’s just that the building seems to be a high school student who hasn’t confessed in public, drunk and sang at the party gate, so I listened for a while, not to mention it was quite nice."
"The young people here are really different from our hometown. After graduating from high school, they are all beautiful and watery. I will watch it for a while."
Knowing that his brother was sent to the army before high school, his comrades reached out and patted him on the shoulder.
While Tang Shiyan gently frowned after hearing it.
High school reunion? Drinking? Confess? Singing?
I don’t know what that little girl looks like suddenly came to my mind.
The man slowly put the bowl chopsticks out of his pocket and took out his mobile phone. Tang Shaogong glanced at him from the corner and quite understood his temper. He said, "If you have something to do, go first."
Tang Shiyan said a short farewell to several people and left with a coat.
Out of the door, he didn’t call Shen Xinyu first, but asked the students what the guests were.
Shen Xinyu ordered a song that was very popular recently.
Mai put it to his lips and sang softly.
We cried.
We laughed.
We looked up at Tai.
How many stars are still on?
Because I just met you.
It is beautiful to leave footprints.
The wind blows flowers and tears like rain.
Because I don’t want to be separated
If the house is still noisy and quiet after just two sentences, then when the girl is clean and nostalgic and sings the words "don’t want to separate", the boys and girls in the room suddenly have an impulse to cry.
They think it’s not who, but the teacher who has been sweating profusely for ten months. The desk will never finish rolling, and the soft spring breeze in the ear will look up, and the blackboard will count down less and less every day.
The girl with a beautiful back at the front table is gone, and the boy who keeps them from sleeping and dozing off at the back is gone. They are leaving after graduation.
Give up but move on.
This is youth and life.
At the end of the song, Shen Xinyu found that the room was quiet, and some students were watching her. Some students also quickly bowed their heads and wiped their eyes with sleeves and paper towels.
I don’t know who said first, "Xiaoyu, we didn’t know before you sang so beautifully."
"Yes, there is a kind of treasure that has been around but I have not found it."
"Well, you keep singing. Xiaoyu and I are leaving."