"Looks good! But the power is too scattered! Will your enemy let you stab you in the same place? " Su Wan knew that his attack had fallen when the sound of Xipuning sounded from Su Wan’s side, and others had to stop at this moment, causing accidental injury. Then they saw that this strange strong man, who killed Zhao Tiezhu, was sweeping fiercely at Su Wan. At this moment, Su Wan was in a state of power release and no extra power to protect himself. There is no doubt that Su Wan was holding the skill of dragon gun release in other eyes, but Su Wan might have blocked the blow, but as a result, Su Wan blocked the forced interruption of the follow-up attack and recovered the dragon gun in front of him. Even so, Su Wan was swept out by Count Xipuning, and the metal

In the middle, Su Wan struggled to adjust her posture. In the end, she didn’t roll to the ground, but her feet fell to the ground and retreated for a full ten steps before she barely stopped. Although this was the only time that Llewellyn stopped Count Shipnin from attacking successfully, the problem was that Su Wangen didn’t stop the second blow after blocking it, probably because her arms were shaking and her body was struggling to keep straight.
"My little girl has a good foundation and a good response, but it’s not good enough not to do it yet!" Count Shipnin’s face rarely shows a little appreciation, but this appreciation doesn’t mean that he will show mercy. Almost before ll and them react, Count Shipnin’s figure flashed in front of Su Wan, and then his fist severely hit Su Wan’s abdomen. This strong girl passed out with her eyes turned over at this blow.
“md!” Crazy roar roared out from the mouths of Chen Kai and Su Xinghe at the same time. There is no doubt that the strong man’s move directly ignited the anger of a prospective boyfriend and a sister-controlled person. For Chen Kai, it is absolutely unforgivable to protect his woman. For Su Xinghe, it would not be Su Xinghe if he saw his sister being beaten like this in the past. Of course, it is absolutely excessive to say that Su Xinghe is a sister-controlled person. After all, he did not show many characteristics of sister-controlled, but when his sister was severely hit, he was definitely on the same side as Chen Kai. That is to make the injured guy pay the price. This is the subte
However, although the two men were angry and roaring, they dared not directly sweep out the huge sword in their hands, because this might hurt Su Wan who fell behind Count Shipnin. Even though the count Shipnin turned his back on them at this time, he revealed a big flaw, but neither ll nor Su Xinghe could guarantee that he would not accidentally hit the ground when making powerful skills. Su Wan had no protective ability.
"Remember that even if you are an enemy, you must knock the other side down and don’t hesitate to step on it when you attack, even if your comrades’ bodies are on your feet! Killing the enemy is the best memorial to your comrades! " Looking at the few people still in front, Count Shipnin slowly stepped on the steps and came along. Every step of him stepped on the crowd like a drum, and his heart beat instantly.
"Mom!" To tell the truth, in the whole team, his fighting capacity is definitely not the worst, but he relies heavily on weapons. The epee player has become quite struggling now. First of all, his attribute promotion is severely restricted by the system, so if he doesn’t have enough attributes, he can pick up heavy weapons. For the epee player, the heavier the weapon, the greater the power. It is an indisputable fact that a good weapon has a quite obvious promotion effect for Xue Haifeng. Unfortunately, in the battle of Berkner Town, his weapon was exploded. Although he spent money to buy a new epee in Locke Dilof, it is even more powerful than the previous one, but
The major 3g crimson ripper and Xuehaifeng used to make weapons belong to the same weapon level. However, the heavy weight of this weapon has become an unfortunate reason for Xuehaifeng’s combat effectiveness decline. If the weight of this weapon is lighter, he can swing faster. Unfortunately, this holy weapon has such a low price because of this weight. Although the heavier the epee is, the better, but the same heavy weight will greatly increase the physical consumption of the messenger, which will lead to a serious shortening of the combat. As a result, forcibly waving the weapon may lead to negative conditions such as muscle tearing.
There is no doubt that Xue Haifeng is forcibly wielding this weapon. Although his strength has been improved after the blessing of Nero Aria’s natural magic, he is far from being able to wield this weapon easily. As a result, he exerts 70% of the weapon’s power at most, which is quite bad in the face of Shipnin.
"Kid? Don’t you know what a epee needs to remember most? Do what you can. Didn’t your tutor teach you these four words? " Looking at the face of Count Shipnin, who swept towards himself, there was no dignified expression. When more than 300 kilograms of heavy weapons were severely chopped at him, he raised his hand and gently squeezed it in the middle to directly hold the blood Haifeng and split the weapon.
"The heavier the weapon of an epee swordsman is, the more destructive it is. How can you exert the power of weapons even if you don’t have enough power to wield weapons? How did you cut your enemy when you waved your weapon so slowly? " Directly lift a foot and kick it in Haifeng’s belly. Poor Haifeng was kicked out, and he spent a lot of money to buy new weapons, which was left by Count Shipnin like a piece of junk.
"Law play weapon power method to cut the enemy you epee swordsmen will make others more away from you! If you continue on this crooked road, you will get nothing but obscurity! " After losing this sentence, Count Shipnin came slowly towards the remaining three people and lay on the ground. Haifeng wait for a while looked at the bizarre strong man from his side and slowly reached out his hand to his weapon. But at the moment he held the hilt of the weapon, he hesitated, and finally all unwilling people turned into a fist that hit the ground.
"all right! Why don’t you three join us? Hurry up! Always in a hurry! " Slowly, in front of ll and the three of them, Count Shiping brushed his clothes and the roots were not dusty. Then he hooked his hand toward ll and looked at the strange strong man. ll, they knew that they might lie on the ground like everyone else in a moment, but even if they knew the result, they would swing their weapons.
Su Xinghe and Yubi Chen Kaixian attack Count Shiping. It’s not that they can’t bear the pressure of the odd strong, but that they know that if they cooperate with Lleyton to attack, it may reduce Lleyton’s fighting capacity. Lleyton’s physical strength is huge. In fact, the strongest place is that when he fights alone, although he needs others’ cooperation as well, this cooperation is to help him stop attacking from behind. In the head-on battle, the only semi-giant player in the game has Titan’s blood and blood talent fighting skills. Kay is actually difficult to be blocked by ordinary people. Of course, in front of them, Count Shiping is definitely not what ordinary people are. Chen Kai needs more effort to take care of the people around him when he is fighting. Therefore, Su Xinghe and Yu attacked Count Shiping together, and they formed a tacit understanding in the battle. One directly swept the waist of the odd strong man, and the other jumped on the other’s body, and the ruling blade in his hand fell fiercely toward the ground.
"Slice! Children’s toys! " Although Count Shipnin showed a smile at the corner of his mouth to show disdain, he quickly put away his face and looked disdainful. After all, he needed to restrain his strength in a situation similar to that of Llewellyn and others. At this level of strength, even if Count Shipnin had the strength of a strange sword king, he might capsize in the gutter if he didn’t deal with it carefully.
Sharp than a knife, the wind was the first to attack the strange strong man, and the ruling blade was very condensed in the face of quarrelling. The earl’s indifferent eyes suddenly lit up, and then he leaned forward in a very thrilling posture to avoid a heavy blow of the feather. At the same time, his body stepped out of that foot and rotated like a gyro. At the moment when the feather weapon landed, the other foot directly swept the feather out. Although the feather was flying out, the instant quarrelling was severely swept out, but Count Shipnin swept the feather out in a hurry with a swing of his palm. The chop was shattered. Don’t look at this movement. It seems to exceed ll’s level, but if the actual amount of quarrelling released still does not exceed the quality of quarrelling contained in the feather chop.
There is no doubt that the feather flew out in a mess and turned over a few times before it stopped completely. When he tried to get up on the ground, Su Xinghe hit his back. Although Su Xinghe insisted on it for a little longer than Yu, he also insisted on five moves and was caught by Count Shipnin and threw it out on the shoulder.
"Now you are left! Little guy! Don’t look at your big head, but you are still a scum in my eyes! " Count Shiping’s voice is full of ridicule, but Chen Kai doesn’t have a trace of anger at the other party’s words, but tries to control his breathing slowly. After such a short time, Chen Kai has found that although the other party’s fighting capacity is high and terrible, in fact, he has reduced the strength and speed to almost the same level as Chen Kai and others. In terms of moving speed, Count Shiping’s speed and pace skills are almost even slower. In terms of strength, his greatest strength has never exceeded. Blood Haifeng, Su Xinghe, and these powerful fighters are also fighting, but it happened that Count Shipnin’s toughness was more powerful than combat experience and skills, and it became a terrible fighting capacity to crush everyone.
"Don’t talk? Learning to be silent is a good thing, and learning to suppress anger is also a good thing, but all these things can be turned into combat effectiveness! Come on! Don’t let me wave again, wave your weapon and show your muscles. Let me see what kind of role you are, Baron Berkner, the lion of the sacred flame! " Slowly put his hands on his chest, Count Shipnin made a boxing gesture, but as soon as his words were finished, he found that Chen Kai’s eyes were a little red, and then the violent force spread directly from Chen Kai’s body. When Count Shipnin came to his senses, Chen Kai’s metal wings behind his back had turned into a flying and terrifying hidden weapons.
"grass! You little cheat! " If you can’t help Chen Kai’s state at the moment, Count Shipnin will not be mixed up. Although violent state is rare among aborigines, it is far rarer than madness. The strong man can guard the fortress. He has definitely seen people similar to Chen Kai in the long years. He knows that violent state is terrible, and this state is completely harmful to Count Shipnin. Faced with this state, Chen Kai must go all out to turn Chen Kai over without exceeding his strength.
Almost at the moment when Count Shipnin shouted at this evil instantaneous violent gesture, Chen Kai directly told this strange strong man what is called the sharp sword of anger. Like thunder, the sharp sword split towards the count in the instant when flying metal feathers fell, and behind the instant Chen Kai’s body, a pair of golden wings were displayed. The angel wings made Chen Kai move faster because he needed to tap his feet on the ground for a few times, which could burst into an extremely terrible speed. With the magic step and the death step, Chen Kai’s figure produced several visible shadows when he approached Count Shipnin rapidly.
Count Puning in Tan Khai Hee was very depressed in the face of madness. He never thought that Ll would be furious at this time. He wanted to show these little guys instead of letting them try their best to Ll. There is no doubt that he was trying his best to move his waist at this moment. But in the end, he resisted the force and bit his back molar. Count Shiping rushed towards Ll crazily. To be continued.
The first volume Chapter 162 Unforgettable combat advice (in)
Although the distance between the two sides is more than ten meters, for Chen Kai or Count Shiping, the distance is only a few steps and a collision range will occur, but the speed of the two sides has risen to a terrible level in this short distance.
The speed of terror made the giant sword in the hand of Llewellyn stab Count Shipnin’s body and instantly produced a sonic boom. The circles around the blade of the giant sword exploded like doughnuts around the giant sword, but these doughnuts were not delicious. The sharp giant sword produced a sonic boom like a roar, but there was no sign of a strange strong man where the giant sword pierced. He made a very embarrassing and humiliating gesture to the ground, crossed the ground at a very close angle, and then struck his fist through Llewellyn’s legs.
There is no doubt that this is an extremely vicious attack. Although it makes this attack a very embarrassing one, Shipnin is pushing the old mage Nero Aria of Forrest not far away, and the old mage covers his eyes with his hands. Although his eyes have long been blind, the powerful caster wants to see things, even if he is covered in rocks, he can see the reality. If it is replaced by other strange sword kings, even if it is replaced by a powerful one with a sacred area, it will not make this move too shameful and lose its integrity.
But for Count Shipnin, this kind of thing is simply a matter of doubt. If he still pays attention to moral integrity, he was already dead when he was surrounded by people. It is precisely because of the tactics of moral integrity that he finally came to life. Although he gained an uncontrolled growth of power, the sequelae were rare. Of course, the main reason for him to fight in such a powerful way as an imperial earl was because of his growing environment. When Count Shipnin was still a soldier, he was the whole soldier. The lowest servant soldiers in the fortress were counting soldiers like Count Shipnin more than a hundred years ago. They now have a purpose, that is, cannon fodder. Even now, there are still such arms, but the recruits of these arms have changed from aborigines to players.
It took seven years to get rid of the cannon fodder treatment from a low-level servant soldier, not to mention drilling his crotch and jumping into a cesspit. Count Shipnin actually has another title, that is, Count Shipnin, Lai Wang. Of course, he won’t admit this title. If his strength is still moving, he may not say anything, but now he will definitely beat the person who said these words in front of him into a pig’s head.
Of course, for Chen Kai, it’s absolutely terrible to be strong, which can’t be said to be broken in an instant, but the severe pain almost knocked Chen Kai out of his violent posture. If Chen Kai’s armor is not strong enough and Count Shiping still suppresses his strength at the same level as Chen Kai in this state, Chen Kai can’t maintain his violent posture now and it must be a broken ending.
It’s a bit ugly to watch the hit method make Lleyton furious, because he knows very well that the longer the other party’s rampage lasts, the worse it will be for him, and he will have to maintain the suppression power. Actually, when his fist hits Lleyton’s crotch, he knows that this blow will definitely produce the expected effect, which means that this time he was humiliated in vain. When he jumped up from the ground with his hands propped up, his eyes became more scarlet because of the pain. A Titan’s head formed on his head, and then Earl Lleyton swung his fist at Lleyton’s belly.
"War roar? No! This is more terrible than the roar of war! " The horror roar reached Count Shiping’s ear in an instant. For this strange strong man, he suffered the damage for the first time. Although the damage was almost minimal, he was very white. If he was really as strong as Ll, it was absolutely enough to make him fall into dizziness and respond in a short time. But even Count Shiping, a strange strong man, felt that he had finished the epidemic. His ears roared and he was dizzy at that moment. This attack was not as simple as it seemed. Although he could not see the blood stains of Ll, his rich experience allowed him to clearly judge the consumption of Ll to release the blow.
"Burning life special skills?" Feel the ll suddenly decay a lot of blood gas. Count Shiping’s body keeps retreating to avoid the crazy strangulation. The blade of the sword almost grazes Count Shiping’s nose sword, but there is no way to cut the white paper sword. There is no doubt that this is another way to harm the strong body like a wall. But at this time, no one can say that this strong man has suddenly approached the ll absolute defense circle, clenching his fist and slamming it into the ll belly. As a result, the huge body more than three meters high was directly flying, or it should be said that it was just off the ground. Because ll was too heavy to suppress the power, Count Shiping could never fly ll with one punch. It was a miracle that he was able to fly off the ground.
However, it may be a mistake for Count Shipnin to find himself rushing in front of Chen Kai at the moment, because he saw Chen Kai’s hands put weapons directly and then hugged him. A strong man with rich combat experience knew very well that if this was realized, he would never get rid of it unless he made it far beyond Chen Kai’s strength. He had to retreat in front of Chen Kai again, which was quite shameful for a strange strong man, because he was embarrassed when he retreated this time, his feet shrank and his body curled up in an extremely obscene posture before he escaped Chen Kai’s bear hug. Then he suddenly stepped back with his feet.
Relying on strong perception, he soon found the position of Chen Kai, but it was more than five meters away from himself. Chen Kai was holding another weapon in his hand in high school, and the horrible blow fell madly towards the ground. If it hit, it would definitely let Count Shiping know that a person was angry and gave off purple brilliance. The long knife was long, narrow and sharp. If ordinary people wanted to make it more than two meters long, it would be quite difficult, but for Chen Kai, it was much simpler than waving a glowing blade. Long Dao is lighter and smaller than Glow Blade, but it doesn’t need the difference of Glow Blade in fighting blessing. The only difference is that Glow Blade is more suitable for Chen Kai’s fighting. Because this long Dao is a holy weapon, it doesn’t continue to grow, but the Glow Blade has the bottom of the sacred device. Chen Kai’s main weapon will always be Glow Blade, and this long Dao will appear at some time, such as now.
The sharp and long knife face is moist and foggy, and quarrelling is actually more terrible than lethality. Ordinary players are monsters with weak defense. The only result of this mist is to be torn and defended. However, this mist has no effect on Count Shipnin, but if he is in a state where his strength is almost the same as that of Chen Kai, it means that he has to give up hard resistance and then fight back, and he has to dodge Chen Kai’s attack with a flash.
The long Dao slammed into the ground with a grudge, and directly rolled up the dust on the ground. When the dust fell, it was sharper than the long Dao, and this time, the crazy rotation of the long Dao formed a terrible storm in front of Count Shipnin, which forced the strange strong man to continue to retreat because he didn’t retreat. Although he wouldn’t be injured, if he was involved in the blade storm with the same strength as ll, it was definitely a word, that was death.
"mom! This little guy is so bad! " Although I don’t want to admit it, Count Shipnin has to say that in the violent posture, Chen Kai is simply a fighting machine. Everything is to kill him. Of course, he doesn’t know that Chen Kai is still in control at the beginning of the violent period. If he consumes his life and releases Titan skills at the beginning, he will definitely have a chance to surprise Count Shipnin.
"XiPuNing! Hurry up! The sun is too bright, I’m dying of heat, and can you do it or not? If you can’t, just give up, so that you can get this little guy as soon as you have strength! " When Count Shipnin was depressed, the old mage Forsler poured cold water on the count in the distance. Of course, the old mage had no choice but to hold the middle finger in his heart. Finally, he had to make a decision, that is, slowly pull out his sword.
"Kid! It’s a pity that you’re not conscious now. I’m going to wake you up and beat you up! " Strange strong words are full of depression and anger, but the sword in his hand shines with terrible light in the moment of pulling out. Although quarrelling is still suppressed in ll, they are almost the same, but the horrible quarrelling chop is definitely not ll. They can be released according to ll’s ability and equal quality. At least one meter, five to two meters, but Count Shiping releases quarrelling chop with less than one meter, and the more compressed it is, the greater the power will be. When quarrelling chop, the crazy rotation of ll body will directly make the release whirlwind chop ll fly out.
When Llewellyn tried to get up again, Count Shipnin had appeared in front of him. The sword slammed the hilt in Llewellyn’s forehead. Llewellyn wanted to get up at this blow, but he was knocked unconscious directly. Then others around him just woke up and saw a very brutal scene. Earl Shipnin kicked Llewellyn’s head crazily until he kicked Llewellyn into a pig’s head.
"XiPuNing! A little too much? " Forrest watched Count Shipnin ask several soldiers to lift up. Chen Kai’s swollen face was almost like a pig’s head. This situation has gone far beyond the limit of pointing out, and it is revenge.
"What! Mom, this smelly little guy is so thick and wearing such thick armor. It’s too hard to break up his quarrelling. The most important thing is that this smelly little guy has mastered a layer of quarrelling attribute changes and quarrelling cohesion is quite high! Old this time, it’s bleeding. It’s cheap. It’s a shame to the old guy! " This strange strong man has no moral integrity. He sat down on the edge of Forrest and ignored the murderous eyes of the elf mage around him.
"Because Charles is so small?" For the first time, the old mage Forrest opened his eyes in the sun, staring at him like a starry night. King Chien Jian felt uncomfortable in such eyes even if he was cheeky in Count Heepuning.
"Otherwise because of who? Although this young man is not a member of Charles’ small mixed family, he should be a great adult who can make Rapier behead again! Well, it seems that I heard that Charles had an apprentice who succeeded him in Rapier. "Count Shipnin frowned. He seldom remembers these things. For this strange sword king, what he needed to consider in the past was to guard the fortress and then try to control quarrelling to save his life.
"yes! I didn’t expect you to remember such a thing! " Forrest slowly closed his eyes and felt very sorry for Charles. After all, the danger in the magic gate was too high, and even the odd strong could fall. Although Charles had a dragon, he might not be able to mix well there.
"all right! I’m tired! " Count Shipnin didn’t pick up the old mage’s quarrel, but slowly got up, patted his ass and staggered towards the fortress. Not far from him, he was greeted. Soldiers were throwing all the people like corpses. Chen Kai alone occupied a scooter, while others didn’t receive Chen Kai’s treatment. Several people crowded a scooter, and Su Wan helped him get up slowly without lying on the scooter and being taken away.
Su Wan’s eyes are very tangled. There is no doubt that she is kicking a stone away from Count Shiping. The count’s hand was definitely not light just now, but it gave all the people tangible benefits. Su Wan can see that her physical strength of quarrelling was completely broken up at the moment when she was hit by the other party. But now they are condensed, not only the total value of quarrelling has increased by nearly a thousand points, but also the attribute effect has never been mastered by Su Wan. Now she has a certain penetrability. Although quarrelling is finished when it is needed, her fighting capacity will rise by at least 10% but 20%.
Similarly, Su Wan was not the only one who got this change. Even if Zhao Tiezhu first woke up, he found this change. There is no doubt that it was definitely not their breakthrough in the battle, but the stick of Count Shipnin. This is definitely a great boon. Without the help of Count Shipnin, their own strength may not be able to touch the threshold of qualitative change of quarrelling attributes at the 100 th level.